once upon a time,
the real Auntie Oti
had a nephew named Ed.

Ed worked as a mechanic,
but was always a farmer at heart.

when Ed retired,
he expanded his garden,
and began to sell the
vegetables and flowers
he grew in it.

during this time,
his daughter in law brought him
a few tuber rose bulbs from her native home in India.
they grew and multiplied until
he had a field full of them, which he sold
to flower shops nearby.

after many years,
Ed slowly got out of
the flower business,
selling off his many thousands
of tuber rose bulbs
to other farmers.

but before they were all gone,
he sent a handful of the bulbs
to his youngest daughter
who had only a very small city garden.

and today tuber roses bloom
in a pot next to
Auntie Oti blankets
hanging out to dry.

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