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Auntie Oti started in 2011 with the mission to spotlight traditional “non-designed” everyday Indian items-blankets and shawls, towels and napkins, men’s lungis and women's saris-made from khadi, fabric made from hand-spun yarn by craftspeople in small, government-sponsored weaving groups all across the country.

The collection has since grown to include items we design using skills and techniques specific to India such as tie+dye, block printing and indigo dyeing, and incorporating them into simple accessories, bedding, and clothing.

Our clothing aspires to be uniform-like: simple, functional and comfortable.  Timeless shapes and non-seasonal styles, many of which are available year after year, all using cotton khadi as a base.

Our bedding is made to recall antique linens with heavyweight homespun pillowcases and Amish style patchwork quilts.

We also include a changing array of bits and pieces that we love for their simple good design: glass mala beads and machine made utility towels,  kantha quilts and cushion covers made from discarded fabrics and saris,  vintage metal objects that can be enjoyed despite having outlived their original purpose, and the occasional devotional object.

Explore a tiny slice of India's beauty and love of craftsmanship that has dazzled the world for centuries in our small collection of humble, handmade pieces.



ORDERING : If item is out of stock please allow 4-8 weeks for shipping. If your selection is not available, we can send you images of our current offering

SIZING : size 1 = small/medium; size 2 = medium/large or one size

RETURNS : Claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of goods. Contact us for return shipping instructions.  Sale items are final sale and not returnable.  Other items are returnable for merchandise credit only.

FABRIC CARE : For cotton we suggest a gentle soap and hanging to dry in the shade for best results. For woolens, hand wash and dry flat, or dry clean. All colors should be washed separately. Store items out of direct sunlight.

INDIGO CARE : All of our indigo products are dyed with natural indigo with the exception of our khadi denim which is dyed with chemical indigo.  Indigo vats are living organisms that can be used for decades.  To care for your indigo textiles and garments store them out of direct light; a closet with doors or a closed drawer are ideal.  If you find there is excess dye rubbing off on your hands or other clothing, wash once in hot water (cottons only; wash wools in cold water and only by hand).  To lessen the “indigo smell” add some white vinegar to the water.  Dry your item out of direct sunlight.  All indigos do fade with repeated washings exactly like your favorite pair of jeans.

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