market walk
    Auntie Oti and NY Times Cooking
    tourist in a candy store
    some favorite dives

    roadside stop-the Clay Oven, Kerala

    blue tea

    it starts out blue and turns purple when you add lemon
    it felt like drinking indigo dye, but tasty!
    whirlwind 24 hours in Jaipur at the start of Diwali

    Koshy's, always
    food shopping and home cooking; a rare treat while traveling. thank you Fiona!
    our brass as seen in Food and Wine
    ex New Yorkers via Tokyo, owners of Bear Pond Espresso
    this is a photo of the best restaurant ever...sadly i don't know the name or how to find it again cooking serving and washing dishes done all by one man; the food a blend of cultures and flavors
    eating out
    delicious DIY hotel room breakfasts and snacks thanks to 7-11
    our pop up at Fog Linen including the curry stand on the last afternoon
    Sunday afternoon in Kolkata
    amber fort
    why do i love Koshy's so very much? so few places are as unselfconscious yet full of interesting dynamic people from all walks of life chatting debating eating and drinking from early morning until late at night in an atmosphere that looks as if it has not changed since it first opened in 1940 koshy's web tea and lime sodaweb
    shopping shopping baby
    bananas bananas and blue wallyellow bananas green bananas on pegs bananas on pegsbanana spiral
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